Funmilayo Congocise

CONGOCISE, an exciting new aerobics-fitness workout created by Funmilayo Chesney in 2006. Funmi is the Artistic Director of Fusha Dance Company and Master Dance Instructor in New York for 20 yrs and counting. 


Funmilayo is also the creator of Cook to Live and will implement important nutritional facts to help CONGOCISERS to maximize weight loss!


CONGOCISE is a cardio dance workout parallel to none. Move over Zumba Congocise is here! A fusion of Congolese, Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, Cuban, Haitian, Columbian, Hip-Hop, Soca, Old School, and Reaggaton dance styles, the workout is intuitive - leading our bodies to naturally move to the beat and invoke our happy spirit.  Based on muscle memory and easy-to-learn movements combined with a progressive increase in cardio training throughout the class, Congocise makes it ideal for people of all shapes, sizes, skill levels and ages to exercise. We incorporate isometrics, sticks, hoops, lappas and even light weights (optional)  to help tone arms.